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4 years ago · by · Comments Off on When to get health insurance?

When to get health insurance?

It has been confusing and frustrating keeping up with the new health law but we have a simple to follow action plan (…so we think). Here are few things to consider when starting your hunt for health insurance:

First and foremost, you need to understand your options and how the new insurance law will benefit you. Health insurance can be obtained with either private carriers available through InsuranceWide or through

InsuranceWide has partnered with major health insurance carriers such as UnitedHealthOne, United Healthcare, Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield of Arizona, Kaiser Permanente, Cigna, Humana, and HealthNet. All of these carriers are now issuing plans that are compliant with today’s healthcare law provisions and have more reasonable rates than plans on the new healthcare exchange. These lower rates are only available if you sign up before December 31st and will be honored for a full year, after that, rates will increase.

It’s best to first checkout and see if you qualify for lower premiums due to household/income composition. The website now offers great information on what is offered and how to qualify. You can opt for any of their 4 packages and see if you qualify for medicaid, children’s state healthcare, or reduced premium (through subsidies). If it’s determined you don’t qualify then we recommend to opt for our private carriers.

Second, make sure you have all deadlines and prepare for whichever option you will opt for. Keep in mind that no matter where you apply, it will take at least two weeks for the policies to be issued.

Third, who needs to get insurance? The answer to that is everyone in your household! This includes children, teens, working and non-working adults. In the state of Arizona if you or any of your children have AHCCCS then this is considered having healthcare, no need to apply for coverage as long as you are eligible and granted such coverage.

InsuranceWide Active Family

So…When do I have to get insurance?

NOW!!! Don’t leave this for the last moment as many changes are happening fast and the opportunity to save big this coming year is closing December 31st.

For more information call us at 623-873-1234 or request a quote at InsuranceWide.


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